The Story behind the Door to Utopia..

In early August 2021, as Italian Abstract Artist Pasquale Cuppari sat with his daughter Heidi Cuppari, preparing a special series for the Sm-ART NFT Drop in mid September, a pattern and a journey emerged when they dove deeper into the paintings together. The series of 12 paintings, they discovered, were a journey and a pathway to the sublime. When they organized the paintings in order, they formed a doorway of sorts, and the two realized that this series was to be named The Door to Utopia.

The first NFT drop, prior to releasing the individual pieces, would offer ‘tickets’ to the door to enter Utopia. In order to receive a ticket, one would have to face their fears and let go of negative thoughts in order to be worthy of a ticket to the sublime.

On the other side would be the land of Utopia, where only 1111 ticket holders would be the first explorers. Purchasing a ticket would bring you:

  • a glorious shard of the Door to Utopia — your NFT to be kept or traded in the various NFT marketplaces

So, we set out to find the right NFT platform to mint these tickets on.. and we will be revealing the NFTS to purchase on July 13 to those who RSVP to attend our Cuppari Mondo Bello Launch Event or those who sign up to follow us on our website.



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The Door to Utopia Project

The Door to Utopia is an NFT drop offering tickets to Utopia and the Sublime; to be used to enter Utopia in a community, or to trade in the open NFT marketplace