Press Release: Cuppari Mondo Bello Launches in NYC July 13 at 6pm

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3 min readJul 5, 2022

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From July 13 through July 31, we invite you to Enter Utopia. Enjoy the immersive art experience celebrating the art of Italian Artist Pasquale Cuppari. You’ll experience the pathway to Utopia, a series with individual pieces offered for sale, as are NFTs of each piece of art, together with works from other series by the Artist including Mondo Bello and Red Planet. Join us at the opening party on July 13 (tickets available at this link), the artist gallery talk on July 17th or schedule a private tour.

The exhibition is featured in partnership with the Art at First program at the First Presbyterian Church of New York (FPCNY), which is known for exhibiting art with a focus on nature, the environment, human rights and social issues. FPCNY is a thriving church in the heart of Greenwich Village.

About the event on July 13th

Artist Pasquale Cuppari, daughter and co-curator Heidi Cuppari, niece Stefania Cuppari, co-curator Dr. Virginia Butera, and friend and FPCNY member Chandra Metzler and Linkedin Influencer Rachel Beck (recent high engagement post here- will present Cuppari Mondo Bello Piazza d’Arte, a legacy family art business celebrating the art of Pasquale Cuppari. Mix and mingle with other members of the extended Cuppari family over food and drink. This event will raise funds for a local youth art charity and will fund the Cuppari Mondo Bello family business in order to help other artists who are creating new ways of bringing art to the masses and help artists of all ages find new economic pathways to express their gifts. The talk will include a brief education about NFTs (Non Fungible Tokens) and how NFTs can help achieve this goal.

Linkedin Profiles: @pasqualecuppari, @heidicuppari, @stefaniacuppari @chandrametzler and @rachelbeck

Other Dates

This exhibit will be open from July 13 until July 31, 2022.

Opening Party: July 13 from 6 to 9pm EST

Additional Viewings: July 20, 26 and 28th from 12 to 4pm EST

Artist Talk: July 17 at 12:30pm EST

Private Tours please contact to arrange


The Great Hall @ First Presbyterian Church of NY, 12 West 12th Street, NY, NY

About the Artist

Pasquale Cuppari is a multimedia artist and humanist whose love for nature dates back to his earliest childhood days. Cuppari was born in a farming town of fewer than two hundred people in Calabria, Italy. As a young boy, Cuppari walked the fields, dug the soil and experienced the beauty of nature. Cuppari is an expressionist painter who believes that ideas are born during the process of creating. His numerous works consist of oil paintings, watercolors and mixed media pieces.

The Journey

Cuppari completed his education in Italy as a mechanical engineer, but realized early on that his true passion was in the arts. Moving to New York in 1957, Cuppari began a formal study of painting and music. He recorded several original musical compositions and painted exhaustively all while working to support his growing family.

In 1979, Cuppari found his first opportunity to exhibit his works when he bought a historic building in Elizabeth, NJ. He transformed this building into an “All Arts Center,” where he co-founded two galleries through the federal C.I.T.A. program. He recruited a group of artists and set them up with studios and workshops. Through 1983, Cuppari organized monthly art openings (exhibitions?) and weekly poetry readings for this group and the surrounding community.

In 1982, by invitation, he was one of the exhibitors alongside contemporaries such as Andy Warhol and Willem De Koonin, at the “13 Collection” gala opening at Sotheby’s New York. In 1985, Cuppari curated his “More is More” show which showcased works from his acclaimed “Forces of Nature”, and other series.

For the next 20 years, Cuppari isolated himself to compose music, write poetry and paint full-time. In these years, his artistic output matched his tremendous passion to express his innermost convictions

Recently, his art has been shown virtually and in person at: Walter Wickiser Gallery (NYC), Art 14C Festival in Jersey City, The Therese A. Maloney Art Gallery at Saint Elizabeth University, the Art Gallery at Seton Hall University and more.

About the Art

Selections from: Utopia, Forze di Natura and Red Planet Series. Stay tuned for descriptions of each piece!



The Door to Utopia Project

The Door to Utopia is an NFT drop offering tickets to Utopia and the Sublime; to be used to enter Utopia in a community, or to trade in the open NFT marketplace